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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  June 17, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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after a violent attack he stood up and made a plea for peace, rodney king died today. critics predicted doomsday but now the picture is hopeful steps on crime after deep cuts. beware does the record deal come in? we meet the singing friar good evening i'm ann notorangelo. 20 years ago the reporting of a man beaten by los angeles police sparked at their rides today the man targeted in the beating dot. he was found in the bottom of a swimming pool this morning his fiancee said they had been talking and she went inside the house she heard a splash and cam back out and saw him at the bottom of the pool and she then called police the fans say and not a good
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swimmer she chose to doubt 9 1 1 she made several attempts to pull him out of the pool but unable to. paramedics attempted cpr but king unresponsive no evidence of drugs or alcohol, an autopsy conducted tomorrow. jeans neighbors described him as a neighborhood favorite. a nice guy and do anything for anybody we'll talk over the fence, talk about things we did when we was younger, and i said well run the ad did the same thing, i just didn't get beat up like that other neighbors say king was always friendly to the other neighbors but kept to himself. the riots 20 years ago touched off similar demonstrations across the country. don knapp shows us a leader in the black community found a way to channel that anger one of the most destructive
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riots in american history triggered by the acquittal of three police officers. 55 people died and 2000 injured property damage in the tens of millions and daring a civil trial eventually sentenced to of officers to prison and awarded king $3 million. people forgiven me for things i have done so i would not be able to live with myself if i could not forget the officers the ride was more about just rodney king it fueled a african- americans long-simmering frustration with american justice. riots broke and out and other u.s. cities including san francisco the rev. cecil williams was warned by police
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officer the demonstrators were headed up taylor to glide memorial church in. soy got up and esteban the car and spoke to them and invited them and they stopped and listened the pastor urged the crowd not to turn to violence but not to upset misconduct of law enforcement i said i'd like to invite any and all of you to come into glide and continue our discussion and your anchor and your violence in glide as to what and glide it seem like at the demonstrators took him up on the offer and came to the church will serve them food agreeable to let them speak out, all night long said reverend williams they needed to expose that they needed to do something to
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feel that accomplished something and that's what we did for a day in two nights reverend williams believe the violent reaction of the verdicts market turning point and now the american police react to african american communities. an apartment fire left two dozen people without a place to live likely set intentionally, according to investigators in redwood city. damage is so bad people not able to live there anymore the fire spread from the bill into the carport and damaged several cars. no one was hurt. and one who sought suspicious activity urged to call redwood city police. skimmers are impersonating utility workers. their targeting allen e. that can as a pope customers. they say to customers' accounts
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are overdue and threatened to shut out utilities and requesting credit card information. officials say they've never asked for credit numbers consumer experts say never give your credit card number out over the phone. asian markets up monday after elections in greece eased fears of financial turmoil. the new democracy party favors keeping the euro and won enough seats to form a new government the left-wing party was anti bail out and favored grease leave the euros zone. europe trying to create a united states of europe, if they want to do that they have to look at the poor states like greece like new york looks at virginia. a long time before greece stores to see relief, two years
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of austerity measures left the nation's economy in tatters. he jabs muslim brotherhood clams victory for its candidate in that country's first free presidential election, the results will be available later in the week. which should be the culmination of a revolution has turned into a joyless exercise in the mechanics of democracy. turnout expected to be low, because the choice for voters will start and for many unsettling. egypt's supreme court dissolved the parliament that means the military which is pulling the strings for decades will write the new constitution and dictate how much power the president yields. this candidate tried to position himself as a champion of the revolution. but others want to create an
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islamic state. there is no room for the enemies of the country he says. rival candidate was a box last prime minister and left no doubt he represents the old guard. for this voter it is better than the old days. a long journey we have to start and continue many of the youths who fought the revolution felt they received spoiled ballots. we have no to move one step forward for a free democracy this balun carries the sticker a knoll and void. this one wishes for batman than the choices offered. 20 minutes after the polls
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closed the military announced it decided with the constitutional powers of the president will be and will announce on monday. when it the largest obstacle for firefighters battling the firefighter wild fire in colorado 86 square miles have burned 181 homes destroyed the most in state history. firefighters expect 30 mile per hour winds, and that will fan flames, the fire was sparked by lightning and 45 percent contained. the fair was desperate times and desperate measures bay area crime-fighter's tell a different story. tens of millions of dollars a little faith
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thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secret? [ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in. and the cost of hosting the america's cup getting steeper for san francisco this city will pay $150,000 to study the and that the race may have on birds. the city agreed to fund a study by the u.s. geological survey the question is will racing boats and sales have an effect on the health of birds. the total cost of the settlement is 225 dozen dollars including legal fees. the number say violent crime is down, that seems to be contrary to what we hear. cbs 5 reporter anne mackovic explains
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i feel safer good news for most bay area cities, violent crime is down according to fbi statistics. fewer murders robberies and assaults and rapes reported last year that in 2010, in concord a decline of 20%. many expect the opposite. you see certain crimes on tv and read about certain ones, the more coverage they get the more it seems the climate is up it seems the bad economy did not drive people to desperation it may have created a sense of community. police have help from volunteers a policeman are always there helping us lucky for concord to have a well staffed pd will have a sales tax to keep police officer positions. oakland one of the few
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cities where violent crime went up, 6% in 2011, has seen officer layoffs. the crime rates reported are based on the number of arrests, that does not indicate how many crimes are committed san francisco public defender jeff a dodgy chalks it up to policy change. budget cuts lead to prisoners being released there's a real focus on helping people coming out of the system succeed, given and jobs and substance abuse training and counseling everyone hopes the trend continues. the a on turned out but generally good, since a peak in the late 80s most california cities have cut line crime rate in half anne mackovic cbs 5. andy van dedicated to a another friends and neighbors in
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san ramon stage the walkathon to benefit if family fund. she is a mother of four and suffers from a rare form of cancer, the promising drug she's not be covered by insurance the 5 k walk caps and three days for the family. so special to get julie home, yesterday was our birthday and today fathers day it is amazing. this morning's walk was held in san ramon. a day for den in concord and then at tony santos plaza and include a fair and and classic car show topped off by chili cookoff to benefit the contra costa firefighters benefit program. lots of father's day activities going on, follows at sight it
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was cooler. temperatures over 100 degrees on saturday, it was the great they got in the bay area but today numbers came down by 15-20 degrees, it was a i see in san francisco also along marin coast line. you'll notice we have two zoom in on quite tower and that's the fog and clouds there was drizzle tonight. we had fog and low clouds along the shoreline it will be cooler tomorrow, it was warm inland today, livermore in the '80s and wednesday we get a warm up again. right now 65 at concord. livermore has returned to 63 degrees. santa rosa at 54. on satellite and radar fog and
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low clouds on the shoreline. the a marine layer is thick, with the onshore flow is robust temperatures cooler tomorrow. tomorrow morning not to bad low clouds on the shoreline. cloudy early. in and will be sunny most of the day. the south these mountains and northeast mountains mostly sunny. will run this time lapse, watch what happens, the clouds disappear from the inland areas but persistent along the shorelines. san francisco looks to be persistently overcast.
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in law and mostly sunny and temperatures near 80 degrees but that's a big comedown from saturday. will what did 81 @ morgan hill, 58 at half moon bay. 80 degrees at walnut creek, 78 at napa, will see seventies at north bay, will see things warm up again, warmest day of the weak ones that and cool off again towards the weekend. a green car project looks like it's closer to hitting the road. the company says it is found the technology to keep it afloat sharyl attkisson explains. electric car battery maker a one to three systems has a breakthrough. the battery is better at extreme temperatures and cheaper.
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the company needs the good news after recall slow demand and layoffs. president obama announced $90 billion for a green energy a 123 stepped up. it spent $1 million lobbying congress and won $249 million. when a plant opened in michigan, the company got a call from the president. i'm calling to congratulate its tremendous milestone having this job means everything to me the plan meant jobs for an era out of work for three years. are rare was among 1000 workers will and the jobs with a 123 cbs news spoke with the ceo last fall half of the people were unemployed. one month a 123 laid off 125
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employees. then the battery failed in a consumer reports test. it waa 123 forced to launch a rl its second in four months, with $621 million and net losses since 2009 it disclosed in filings last month there was doubt about its ability to continue. the company has declined further interview requests, as for the battery break throw many analysts seem underwhelmed. these new technologies have to be vetted over years before they finally into products, the product itself is interesting but does not do enough to solve the problems a 123 as. the company is not giving
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up, it still has federal tax dollars to spend last week it would hire 400 workers to build power grids. clergy with a record deal, ♪ common ground with lady ga ,,
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and the italian tenor with a have on the voice has a clamed worldwide acclaim. despite his record dale send in not his de job. this fire may have taken a vow of poverty but never a vow of silence.
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we caught up with the frier after he signed a record deal in london. can you share with us a song ok. ♪ bravo. until recently the fires only audience had been the faithful at his church including pope benedict, the basilica in italy or france st. francis of assisi found his movement. a friend suggested he audition for record executives it turned out friars have talent. the first time the 34 year-old boarded a plan was to record at london's abbey road studios. he may have led a sheltered life he grew early inspiration from
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on likely source. when you were younger digit tried to sing like michael jackson? yes. i dance like gen. i tried to do moonwalk moonwalking does not figure into his act he is not in it for the faint. you may have a lot of fans now. i will be shy. he gets over his shyness the way many performers to he goes to another place in a moment where i feel a direct line with god. a moment of have an. as the fire has taken a vow
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of poverty and the profits from sales coast to charity. charlie daggata cbs news london. i'm dennis o'donnell at the olympic club the weather took a turn for the worse and so ♪
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ride it at universal studios hollywood. welcome back. tiger woods 7 over par for the tournament, not a winner today.
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fair renovators don't win will tell you who dead. jim furyk looking for a second u.s. open title not to be. he finished two shots back. web simpson plan in just his fifth major championship takes the club house lead at 1 over par. graeme mcdowell has this birdie putt to force a monday playoff but it is left. web simpson you're u.s. open champ at olympic. nba finals lebron james scored 29 points. the heat over the thunder they take a 2-1 series lead. seattle with a base hit to left his throw hits the base runner the giants lose to-one. the a's go for their sixth
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straight win. leads to the ♪
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